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Well-balanced cocktail mixed with Stolichnaya vodka, apple juice, passion fruit and fresh lemon juice. Finished with black raspberry liqueur



One of our favourites! Mixed with vodka, melon liqueur and the almighty Jägermeister, finished with zesty lemon juice, freshly pressed apple juice and passion fruit


Rum Runner

A delicious recipe consisting of dark rum, banana liqueur, blackberry liqueur + grenadine topped off with Havana 7 Year Old Cuban rum float. This popular cocktail is served frozen



"Wildly South African" This refreshing cocktail is packed with fresh mint and succulent cherries topped with Stolichnaya vodka, Bols cherry brandy, zingy lemon + lime juice and our very own infused vanilla sugar. URBAN UPGRADE: Barbicka premium vodka (£1)


My Drink

A frozen perfection mixed with Stolichnaya vodka, peach schnapps and black raspberry liqueur finished off with a hint of fresh lime juice and a mix of mango and passion fruit



A variation to the delicious 'My Drink' this cheeky little number is blended with fresh mint, a splash of melon liqueur, Stolichnaya vodka, peach schnapps, fresh lime juice, passion fruit and mango puree



Japanese Slipper

This elegant drink is a perfect marriage of sweet and sour! Made with melon liqueur mixed with orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice, zigny lime juice and sugar syrup


June Bug

For the sweet tooth! This cocktail will tantalize your taste buds! Almost Caribbean-like with melon liqueur, banana liqueur, refreshing fresh lemon+lime juice and a touch of sugar syrup


Red Sky

Refreshing blend of fresh muddled oranges mixed with tequila, citrus liqueur, grenadine and grapefruit juice


Ice Cream Sandwich

A pure indulgence! Treat yourself to one of our cookies and cream blended cocktails with chocolate liqueur, churned together with vanilla ice cream


Mint Cookie

A twist on the original 'Ice-Cream Sandwich' with a hint of Bols Crème de menthe liqueur, Amarula cream liqueur, real cookies and finally blended together with ice cream!


Raspberry Watkins

A sophisticated cocktail made with Stolichnaya vodka, black raspberry liqueur, fresh lime, a touch of grenadine and topped with lemonade



An age old classic made to perfection! Choose from Whiskey, Rum, Tequila, black Raspberry Liqueur or Melon Liqueur and mixed with fresh lemon juice, egg white and sugar syrup


Pina Colada

A Pacific Island combination of Brugal rum, coconut, and Suburban's own special pina colada mix all frozen to perfection for that true Hawaiian experience


Porn Star

Ladies Love. House-infused vanilla vodka, peach schnapps, passion fruit puree and finished off with prosecco. Swap the vanilla vodka for tequila if you like for an extra bite


El Diablo

This cocktail is refreshing and packs a punch! Laden with Tequila, berry Liqueur, zingy lime juice, ginger ale and a touch of sugar syrup



English Garden

Cucumber meets mint muddled together with gin, fresh lemon and a lime juice, sugar syrup and topped off with pressed apple juice. URBAN UPGRADE: Hendricks Gin (£1)


Singapore Sling

Packed with gin, cherry brandy, citrus liqueur, aromatic honey liqueur, fresh lemon juice, orange bitters and topped with tangy pineapple juice. URBAN UPGRADE: Bombay Sapphire premium gin (£1)



A summer classic with a perfect mix of our house-infused blueberry gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and a berry liqueur float! URBAN UPGRADE: Gordons Sloe Gin (£1)


Lady with balls

If you are a lover of the 'G&T' why not try this? A martini-style cocktail with blueberry gin, Limoncello Italian liqueur, elderflower liqueur, maraschino liqueur


Jimi Hendricks

A complimentary mix of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey, gin, fresh lime juice, crisp cucumber and a touch of sugar syrup



French 75

A great combination of gin and prosecco mixed with fresh lemon juice and a touch of sugar syrup. URBAN UPGRADE: Tanqueray premium gin (£1)


Sparkling Julip

The freshest of mint, lemon juice and sugar syrup all topped off with prosecco. Classic and refreshing


Classic Fizz Cocktail

Premium Courvoisier VS Brandy accented with a brown sugar cube, finished with prosecco


Hendrick’s 70

Equal measures of Hendricks premium gin and fresh lemon juice, with elderflower liqueur, fresh pressed apple juice, cucumber syrup and topped with prosecco



As you might guess from the name, the Bellini is an Italian classic. A unique drink made with prosecco and a choice of one of our fresh flavours: strawberry, raspberry, peach, passion fruit, mango and lychee


Aperol Spritz

It is undoubtedly the most widespread and commonly drunk aperitif in Italy, loaded with Aperol or Campari, topped with prosecco and finished with a dash of soda water



Disco Lemon

This cocktail has a perfect mix of infused vanilla vodka, infused lemon vodka, fresh passion fruit, lychee and a final touch of vanilla sugar


Espresso Martini

Classy pick-me-up with premium coffee liqueur, vanilla vodka, fresh espresso and a touch of vanilla sugar


Lemon Tree

A fresh minty number with a perfect blend of our very own house-infused lemon vodka, freshly squeezed lemon and a lime juice, passion fruit and Chambord raspberry liquor


Raging Bison

This tangy cocktail is mixed with fresh passion fruit, fresh pressed apple juice, punchy lemon juice, Bison Grass Zubrowka vodka and Bols Apricot Brandy


Bloody Mary

A definitive drink served with a large dose of vodka, tomato juice, fresh lemon and lime and Suburban's own special mix of herbs, spices and love. This cocktail will put the spring back in your step. Why not try this classic cocktail with Tequila for an extra kick A.K.A Tequila Maria


Moscow Mule

As its name suggests, this cocktail has a kick! Made with Stolichnaya vodka, muddled fresh limes, ginger beer and a hint of bitters. URBAN UPGRADE: Try it the "Tuscan" way! Simply swap the Stolichnaya vodka for Tuaca (premium vanilla essence liqueur with citrus notes) to compliment the sweet tooth (£1)


V For Vanilla

Loved by the ladies, this cocktail is a delicious mix of zingy lemon and lime juice, a touch of vanilla syrup, vanilla vodka and green tea syrup


Classic Martini

The name's BOND, James Bond' comes to mind! This supreme classic consists of Tanqueray gin or Belvedere vodka server with a touch of vermouth. URBAN UPGRADE: Chase premium vodka or Tanqueray 10 gin (£1)



Mai Tai

Fresh lime juice mixed together with Brugal rum, Bols Dry Orange liqueur and almond liqueur


Hemingway Daiquiri

A perfect combination of Brugal rum, fresh lime juice and grapefruit juice topped with cherry bitters. Served straight up. URBAN UPGRADE: Appleton Estate's premium Reserver 8 Year rum (£1)


Dark N Stormy

A powerful blend of Captain Morgan dark rum, freshly muddled limes topped with ginger beer and Angostura aromatic bitters. Strong, bold and honest. URBAN UPGRADE: The Kraken's premium Black Spice Rum (£1)


Classic Daiquiri

This unforgettable cocktail is shaken with Angostura 1919 Rum, the freshest of limes with a touch of sugar syrup and Angostura aromatic bitters. Served straight up



Honey Pot

Made up of a perfect blend of premium Jim Beam Honey bourbon, apricot brandy, fresh lemon+lime juice and a dash of rhubarb bitters


The Black Cherry

Mixed to perfection, this cocktail is muddled with Jim Beam Black Cherry bourbon, sweet vermouth and Angostura aromatic bitters


Mint Julep

A delicious mix of Jim Beam bourbon, sugar syrup, fresh lemon, lime juice and mint is perfect for those looking for something refreshing with a bite


Pop Star

A refreshing and delicious mix of fresh mint, cucumber, Jim Beam bourbon, melon liqueur and a touch of sugar syrup all topped with ginger ale


Rob Roy

This versatile cocktail can be made sweet, dry or perfect! A classic drink using premium whiskey and vermouth to your taste. Served straight up. URBAN UPGRADE: Auchentoshan 12 Year Old premium whiskey (£1)



A healthy measure of Jim Beam + vermouth. Have it sweet, dry or perfect. URBAN UPGRADE: Makers Mark premium whiskey (£1)


Rusty Nail

A perfect blend of scotch and Drambuie (spiced honey liqueur) A true old-school classic


Old Fashioned

Older than the Rolling Stones, this tasty cocktail is mixed with Jim Beam bourbon, Maraschino cherry liqueur, orange bitters and a touch of "brown sugar". Try a "Rum Fashioned" and swap the bourbon for Kraken spiced rum. URBAN UPGRADE: Woodford Reserve premium bourbon (£1)



"Great men aren't born, they are grown." This almighty cocktail is loaded with scotch and almond liqueur. Simple and effective


Rock Star

Modern take on the Mojito. Jim Beam bourbon, fresh mint, zingy lemon and lime juice and a touch of sugar syrup topped off with ginger ale. URBAN UPGRADE: Maker's Mark premium bourbon (£1)


Devil’s Tipple

This divine cocktail is made with Jim Beam Devil's Cut bourbon, rhubarb liqueur and sweet vermouth. Served straight up


Suburban Signature Craft

Our own creative utilizing Jim Beam's ultra-premium bourbon, orange liqueur and sweet vermouth. Brought to life with cherry bitters


Premium Snacks

Meat Sharing Platter

parma ham + salami + chorizo + bread sticks + warm brioche pretzel baguette + virgin olive oil + balsamic vinegar + rocket
+ olives + sundried tomatoes + mozzarella


Veggie Sharing Platter

mediterranean roast vegetables + bread sticks + warm brioche pretzel baguette + virgin olive oil + balsamic vinegar + rocket
+ olives + sundried tomatoes + mozzarella + manchego cheese


Nacho and Pizza Platter

warm tortilla chips covered in melted cheese + guacamole + sour cream + spicy jalapenos + tomato salsa + margherita pizza


Cheesy Nachos Sharing Basket

warm tortilla chips topped with melted cheese + chunky guacamole + sour cream + spicy jalapenos + tomato salsa



four cheese or pepperoni oven baked pizza


Warm Bread Rolls

warm brioche pretzel rolls with virgin olive oil + balsamic vinegar



mediterranean black + green olives


Breadsticks and Chutney

breadsticks with caramelised red onion chutney


Bucket of Popcorn

sweet or salty or mixed herbs + spices


Basket of Kettle Crisps

ask at the bar for choice of flavours


Bucket of Pistachio Nuts

may contain nuts! served in their shells + slightly salted